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     "My daughter has been attending the center with Miss Sharme since 2008. Within the six years I can say that Sharme is a loving and caring human being. I have nothing but respect for her because she treats my daughter and me with a great amount of respect.

     She also shows a lot of interest in my daughter's education, making sure that she is on the level she is supposed to be and understanding the work that has to get done. Sharme is a very professional, understanding and encouraging role model. The most important quality is that she ultimately enjoys and loves working with children!"


-D. Riviere

     "Great Thinkers After School is an after school facility that offers school pick-ups, assistance with homework, social activities and fun and educational tasks. The director and assistant are qualified individuals.

     My son has been attending Great Thinkers since September 2013. The facility is located in a very central area, close to enough to school and home, and they operate in a clean and safe environment.

     I will always recommend this after school program. I am satisified with the facility for and child's development. Thank you!"


-D. Robinson

     "As a working mom, finding a trustworthy caregiver for my daughter was very important to me.
I met Sharme four years ago and she has been a wonderful caregiver for my daughter. At our initial meeting her kind demeanor and stimulating learning environment made a positive impression on me. She created a comfortable setting for after school activities for my daughter. While in Sharme's care, she is also able to receive tutoring and support with school assignments.
     Sharme is  passionate about the work that she does. She has made an impact in all the children that she has serviced over the years. I am very happy that my daughter has continued to flourish socially, emotionally and academically while in her care. It has been a pleasure being a part of her after school program."


-S. Thompson

     "My son started in 2009 and my daughter started in 2012. I am so happy with the teachers at this after school center. Both of my children are always excited when they speak about this center. There is never a time that I could say I wasn't 100% satisfied with all that Great Thinkers After School has done for my children.

     For all you moms out there, this is the place for your kids! I always recommend this center to everyone. Thank you so much!"


-A. Mattis

     "Dependable, Reliable, Loving, Amazing are just a few of many words I can use to describe my feelings about the care at Great Thinkers After School.

      My 10 year old son is a student at Great Thinkers since the 1st grade and it's a wonderful experience for both of us. We both call the center a home away from home. The care that Ms. Sharme and her staff give is nothing short of amazing. My son and other students are treated with respect and as though they are part of her family. They also receive personalized attention with homework and other needs as well as fun time on a daily basis. I also really love that when my child shows signs of weakness academically, Ms. Sharme immediately implements a plan to get him back to where he needs to be and beyond.

Each child's accomplishments in school or socially do not go unnoticed, it's celebrated with all. I believe this gives them a feeling of great satisfaction and encouragement to always do good or better. It's a fun learning environment with a continued focus on discipline and respect for others.
   A few months ago my son said to me "Mommy, thank you for finding this after-school." I was really taken aback by his maturity and expression of thoughtfulness for what I was just doing as a mother -providing him with the best opportunities- but I was not surprised that he felt that way because everyday was and is a good day for him at Great Thinkers. How many children are excited to be in an after-school program for all the school year and still wants to be there on summer vacation? Well, my son and his friends at Great Thinkers are some of those unique children that just can't get enough! For that I am a happy parent and excited parent because I ACED this one!"


-D. Crossfield (Grateful Parent)

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