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Here at Great Thinkers After School, Inc. we provide a unique after school environment where you child will strive! Our main focus is your child's educational development, so we provide homework assistance, tutoring and improving any areas of weakness. We also prepare children for success in the NYS Citywide Math, English & Science (ELA) exams.


We believe in a healthy blend of fun, learning and nurturing. We think that every child should enjoy their childhood and we create a secure home-away-from-home environment where everyone can learn and play safely. We have an extensive collection of indoor and outdoor games to keep your child engaged and entertained, enabling them to relax after a long school day.

At Great Thinkers After School, Inc. we instill acceptance and empathy in all of our students. We believe it is important to embrace just how diversified our environment is, culturally, ethnically and religiously. Fairness and equality are inherent in our methods. Many of our activities focus on team-building which enhances social skills and the importance of cooperation. 

Our Culture

Our goal is to unlock your child's potential while imparting life skills relevant for today & tomorrow.

At Great Thinkers After School, Inc. your child's success and eduction is our #1 priority. Our after school tutoring rates are very affordable, so parents can have peace of mind knowing that their children are being cared for in a safe and secure environment while being prepared for the City ELA exams. It doesn't matter if your child is in kindergarten or the 5th grade, they will all receive the same level of dedication and commitment from the staff at Great Thinkers After School!

Sharme D'Andrade has been the founding member and and the Principal of Great Thinkers After School, Inc. for approximately eight years.

As the Principal, Ms. D'Andrade oversees the overall growth of the children in her care and fosters a strong partneship with parents and families to create a loving atmosphere ensuring your child's happiness and cultivating self esteem.


Ms. D'Andrade also guarantees the best possible experience for your child. Her strengths include designing and implementing innovative curriculum, excellent organization and communication skills. 

Our Principal

Our Director

We welcome our new program director, Rosan D'Andrade. Rosan has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and over 10 years experience working and developing methods that would give each child the ability to do great in any subject.


Rosan is married and a mother of two girls. Her passion has always been working with children and making sure they thrive in any area. Rosan believes in investing in our children because they are our future leaders!

Our Staff



Fun & Games


Special Events

Our Staff

Great Thinkers After School, Inc. staff is comprised of college graduates and a former law student. Combined we have over 15 years of experience working with children. Here at Great Thinkers our staff take great pride in lending a helping hand and going above and beyond our duty, making sure no child feels left out or ashamed when they are struggling on a particular subject. We work closely with each child making their learning experience easier and fun. It's of great satisfaction knowing that we have a positive influence in our children's early learning stages. We take our job seriously and take great pride in absolutely everything we do by designing easy work methods to keep kids motivated and engaged.


Our greatest accomplishment is seeing the kids smile and the confidence they develop when they overcome academic challenges. The appreciation we get from each parent when they receive their child's report card showing improvement is rewarding and extremely satisfying as well. Our #1 priority is for no child to feel inadequate or get left behind academically.


We provide enrichment programs in all academic disciplines in a comprehensive and dynamic manner that engages our students using tested methods that guarantee results. Our process is tailored to meet the needs of every child by our experienced and caring staff, who regularly confer with teachers and parents to identify and resolve any areas that need to be addressed. We track, recognize and reward improvements and good grades, but more importantly we strategize and work harder to ensure continued success. We guarantee results.


 Our main focus is your child's educational development, so we provide homework assistance so your child will go home with their homework 100% complete. We also provide tutoring and focus on any areas of weakness that need improvement. We also prepare children for success in the NYS Citywide Math, English & Science (ELA) exams.


We have on-site equipment to assist children in any school research projects, ensuring that projects are worked on and completed before heading home. We also have a great collection of books for all reading levels, and we place a high emphasis on reading so that each child can improve in their reading and writing scales. 


Our facility is equipped with modern computers, tablets, internet access, printer, scanner, copier and fax machine. All of our students learn about the basic functions of these devices and are instructed in their proper use. In addition to acquiring fundamental IT skills and knowledge, students are taught a number of basic user applications.


We incorporate these acquired skills pragmatically by teaching basic report formats, research techniques and presentations. We also provide assistance and ensure that children accomplish any school research projects in a timely manner.

Please note that all computer use, especially internet access, is closely supervised by our staff. 

Fun & Games

At Great Thinkers After School, we believe in maintaining a balance. After all, a child's natural instinct order "play time".


On those days when the weather is not permitting, we have indoor activities as well; air-hockey and fooseball tables, magnetic dartboards, numerous board games and a karaoke machine.


But wait...the fun continues! We organize regular trips to the nearby parks.


We offer pick up from school and drop off services within our area of operation. We can also arrange to pick up from the school bus at a designated location.


Our fleet of three vehicles is regularly maintained to ensure maximum safety and reliability. This permits us to plan trips and outings as a group without the uncertainty of third-party variables like punctuality and promptness and allows us to keep our fees reasonable. 

Special Events

At Great Thinkers After School , Inc. we treat the children in our care like they were our own and strive to make every child feel loved and special. If your child's birthday falls during the months of our daycare programs they receive a special birthday celebration with a cake and party just for them! We also celebrate holidays with the children like Christmas and Halloween, with little gifts and parties so that each child knows that they're a loved member of the Great Thinkers family. 

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